skeleton bugs

Too soon?

Must. Resist. Urge. To tell all my male coworkers to "keep their shirts on" whenever they are hurrying me.

For at least another week.
chinese rabbit


I went to a movie with a friend today. It was pretty great. There were aliens and gods and a guy in a suit and a big green rage monster and the ass-kickingest woman ever and Sam Jackson with an eyepatch.

Everything except a harpy. So it wasn't perfect.
skeleton bugs

[locked/work] Hurm.

Think fast.

Hurm. Hurmity hurm. HURM. I have a head full of questions about neuroplasticity and flatlines and jammers and the Bug.

I know we have Dr. Frost and Dr. Baylor and Dr. Reyes and Dr. Ramachandran. But we need a damned neurologist. Of oourse, then she'd just want to poke me in the brains. Maybe nevermind.

Harpy, we're sending you back to school. Don't worry: El Jefe and I will make sure the government pays.
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